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The idea of the JFK Assassination being a grand conspiracy has struck uncertainty and fear into the hearts of Americans since November 22, 1963. What’s more terrifying than any conspiracy theory, though, is that an individual acted alone to change the trajectory of world history. The theorists have monopolized the story long enough, and each of their bewildering array of conjectures have been debunked time and again. Dissidence: A Novel of Lee Harvey Oswald reveals the truth behind the myth of a classic American anti-hero. A story set against the crossroads of The Cold War which cast a great shadow over America’s Happy Days of the 1950s and 60s, when a misguided kid from a broken home lived in the seamy underbelly of a Superpower. Idealistically searching for a better life, he ran away on a tangled adventure that ultimately led him to an equally corrupt, but opposing, Superpower in the Soviet Union. Convinced that both systems were different sides of the same coin, Lee Harvey Oswald futilely strove to bring forth a great change.

Dissidence: a Novel of Lee Harvey Oswald

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